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Stockholm Syndrome
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Welcome to Stockholm Syndrome
Welcome to Stockholm Syndrome, LiveJournal's premiere Artemis/Holly community.

This community is not a general Artemis Fowl community. If that's what you're looking for then look no further than havencity.

Posts on this community have very few rules but they must be followed.

  • All posts must somehow relate to Artemis and Holly's relationship, either as a couple or as friends.
  • Posts may not primarily promote another pairing, however fics and discussions discussing another pairing as a secondary pairing are acceptable. The interpretation of "secondary" is up to the poster/writer, but mods reserve the right to make judgments about whether or not a post or fic is on-topic.
  • Clearly label the content of each post.
  • Use appropriate ratings for fanfiction.
  • Posts, fics, or fanart containing adult content must contain appropriate warnings and use the appropriate locking device provided by LiveJournal.
  • If in doubt contact a mod using the soon-to-be-provided post!

Rules updated 10:28 PM; 27 July 2008
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