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Stockholm Syndrome
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Welcome to Stockholm Syndrome
Welcome to Stockholm Syndrome, LiveJournal's premiere Artemis/Holly community.

This community is not a general Artemis Fowl community. If that's what you're looking for then look no further than havencity.

Posts on this community have very few rules but they must be followed.

  • All posts must somehow relate to Artemis and Holly's relationship, either as a couple or as friends.
  • Posts may not primarily promote another pairing, however fics and discussions discussing another pairing as a secondary pairing are acceptable. The interpretation of "secondary" is up to the poster/writer, but mods reserve the right to make judgments about whether or not a post or fic is on-topic.
  • Clearly label the content of each post.
  • Use appropriate ratings for fanfiction.
  • Posts, fics, or fanart containing adult content must contain appropriate warnings and use the appropriate locking device provided by LiveJournal.
  • If in doubt contact a mod using the soon-to-be-provided post!

Rules updated 10:28 PM; 27 July 2008
23rd-Mar-2009 12:11 am - Roleplaying Opportunity!
red slippers stock
Hello everyone!

Your "new" mod is here with a proposition. (I swear I'm the same person, it's just slightly confusing.)

As far as I can tell, this community has at least 40 members who might more or less be interested in some activity in the fandom. At least, I'm really hoping that this is the case. I have a thousand good intentions now that I'm making a fresh start for this community, but I am not going to promise anything else until I am much closer to actually executing the things I speak of...

That said, I have something that I really want any and all of you to consider for my sake as much as your own. Basically, I'm asking you a favor...

Lately, I've become interested in hanging around the AFC forums and they have an Artemis Fowl Roleplaying forum there.

I had an idea that I really like but that I cannot really make into a fanfic effectively, so I decided to open up the concept for use on the forum. I decided beforehand that I wanted to play Holly, and I have had one passing acquaintance/friend of mine volunteer to play the part of Artemis and one OC, but I am still in dire (as in I'm going to cry if someone doesn't step up, lol) need of a much larger cast. The characters needed, the concept and anything else you could possibly EVER want to know about the RP is on the post at the forum.

The forum is extremely easy to join and is very relaxed, and if you don't already have an AFC account, I HIGHLY suggest it to all AF fans, because it's very noninvasive unless you choose to let it be, and Eoin Colfer often makes announcements there that he would not normally make through official channels. In any case, I've pitched this the best way I know how, so all that's left to do is beg.

Click the following link. You know you want to...

Artemis Fowl: The Quantum Key

I really hope that I get at least a few response out of this effort...
22nd-Mar-2009 11:26 pm - IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT!!
D/R: Happy smiles JE
Hello everyone!!

If you are seeing this on your friends page or otherwise you need to pay attention if you're still interested in this community at all.

I am your nomadic mod speaking, and once again I have the most wonderful set of intentions to lead us along our path to perdition adoring Artemis/Holly, etc, etc.

This IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT that I speak of has to do witht he fact that this previous month, my paid account ran out. For this and several other random personal reasons I have decided to try on a new LJ for size, meaning that I may not be using this account anymore. I have, however, decided to use my "fresh start" on LJ as a chance at a fresh start on running this community properly. I think the lack of mental clutter will actually make me a lot more likely to stick to this goal.

In any case, I have already given my new account all the access that this account has for modding, etc, etc, so this person:


is me. This is not a coup except against myself.

That is all, though I do have another announcement I need to make in another post, but I will make it with the new account.
17th-Mar-2009 01:32 am - [Fic] Degrees of Poison
Well, I'm new here. *waves* My name is Alena, although I've filled out the form, so I'll let it do the talking from here:

The basic stuff, and the fun stuff.Collapse )

After all of that, I promise that I haven't come empty handed. :3 I come in peace bearing fic.

TITLE: Degrees of Poison
PAIRING: Implied Artemis/Holly.
WARNINGS: A very extended metaphor. Oh, and spoilers for The Time Paradox.
DISCLAIMER: All characters are © Eoin Colfer. No profit is being made from this work.
SUMMARY: Being friends with Artemis, Foaly had said, would be like being friends with a viper. It was not an inapt analogy. After the events of The Time Paradox, Holly and Artemis have a discussion.

x-posted to artemisfowl_fic
25th-Nov-2008 09:07 pm - Christmas Fic-Exchange Sign-Ups
artemis/holly text
These are the preliminary rules for our Christmas Fic-Exchange. This will also serve as a sign-up list, meaning that if you wish to participate you must respond to all of the blanks in a comment below.

To sign up fill out the following:

Where your fic, when completed, will be hosted (URL):

What rating is the highest you are willing to write:

What is your preference about the rating of the fic written for you:

Things you are not willing to write about:

Things you do not want to read about:

Genres you are comfortable writing/like to write especially:

The Genres you want the fic you receive to encompass:

Length of fic you are willing to write:

Preferred length of fic you receive:

Characters you like to write:

Your Christmas Wish for the Ideal Fic:

Fill out all of these things, and as soon as possible you will be matched up with another fic writer.

Thanks for your cooperation!
11th-Nov-2008 09:31 pm - 11/11/2008 - Discussion Topic #1
artemis fowl
This seemed to be the most immediate thing that I could do to get everyone talking and involved. This may not always be the case, but I have decided to do two discussion topics, both of which I ask that you reply to, and in return reply to the replies to your comments.

One quick thing I would like to point out is that I live in the US and so I have the American editions which have some really bizarre edits. There is one passage in particular that I would really like to see which was completely left out of the American versions about "Mud Fairies". Anyway, if you're aware of any of these edits and they come up, please make us all aware.


Over on havencity, I found an AFC Eoin Colfer interview which contains some possible spoilers for the next book.


If you don't mind reading them, then I ask that you look at the comments specifically about the ideas Mr. Colfer has for the next book. What is your speculation about what he could actually mean, and what are your fears and hopes for the series, specifically for Artemis and Holly's canon relationship with one another and the state/development of it?

In-Universe Discussion:

(Note: Please avoid referencing technicalities of what you really think Mr. Colfer would or wouldn't do unless it is relevant. Especially since there is a meta-topic available during this discussion, this topic should be your views on the characters and their motivations without breaking the fourth wall too much.)

Below is an excerpt from The Arctic Incident, seeing as my worries about the future of the series are needling at me a bit.

Discussion Prompt: Holly seems just shy of hating Artemis in the beginning of TAI, but by the end it seems that Artemis is not the only one who has changed in terms of who he respects. Artemis/Holly, as a ship, is something that's developed quite uniquely through the canon and is still not quite firm in canon, but ship or not Holly has some unusual feelings toward Artemis. It's quite hard to pinpoint where the two stand with each other many times, and I want your opinion on what this scene says about their relationship at that particular point in the series. In retrospect, where did it indicate that it was going? Where was it at that moment?

The Coin Scene...Collapse )
11th-Nov-2008 07:45 pm - Community To-Do List & ETA's
artemis/holly text
This is your mod's attempt at keeping things organized. If you have not yet voted in the poll, please do so here.

Members Interested:
Discussion TopicsIf you have an idea for a discussion topic, please comment here until I have a more permanent solution.

1: 11/11/2008
Fanfiction ChallengesNearly all of you seemed to be interested in some sort of fanfiction challenge, and in light of the upcoming holiday season, according to my co-mod's (odette_river) advice, we are planning to have a holiday fic exchange. If anyone has a quick suggestion for a name we could give it within the next couple of days, then just drop a comment.2: 14/11/2008
IconsDue to the decided lack of (in my opinion) useful Artemis Fowl graphics, any of you that make any sort of icons are not only encouraged but begged to post them. If anyone has an idea about how to do an effective icon challenge, then please post it, though.3: Any time any of you want to post them.
Roleplaying Match-Ups(First of all, I would like to say that this is something I, personally, am very interested in.) As soon as possible, I will post a form for the purpose of matching people up. Those of you that are interested, please let me know if you would rather me match you up based on your responses or allow you to go through them a bit like personal ads.
4: ASAP: sometime this week
Tandum FanfictionAll this project needs to get started is for someone who is interested to volunteer to write the first bit. The general idea is that you write until you run out of an idea for a day or two, post it, and the next person takes a turn. It will rotate back and forth between the co-authors and at the end you'll hoepfully have something that will be interesting to everyone.

5: As soon as someone volunteers to get everything started.
LayoutDue to a split response of people who liked it and people who thought it should be changed, I think that the best thing would to do would be to have a layout contest, but to keep the current layout as one of the voting options in the end. I will likely be entering the contest with another entry, and you are allowed to do as many as you'd like, but you must make sure to explain how to implement your layout. You may enter as many times as you like before the deadline.6:Preliminary Deadline: 11/12/2008
10th-Nov-2008 10:40 pm - Important Poll for ALL MEMBERS
artemis fowl
Your mod humbly asks that you take the time to fill out this poll.

Each and every opinion counts, and it is important that if you have further ideas or comments that you leave them in the form of a comment.

Regarding the Community Layout:

I like it and don't think it needs to be changed.
I would like it to be changed, but I don't have the time or expertise to do it.
I think we should have a layout contest.
It's mostly all right, but there's something I'd like to see changed, which I will leave in a comment below.

Possible Community Activities/Services:

Weekly/Bi-Weekly/Other period of time discussion topic
Fanfiction challenges
Fanfiction challenge tables
AIM chats
Icon challenges/contests
Roleplaying Match-Ups
Tandum fanfiction writing
Something else I will explain in a comment below
10th-Nov-2008 10:18 pm - Manifold Apologies
AF expecting you
Hello everyone, should any of you still be inclined to watch this community.

This is your friendly neighborhood, and heretofore absent, mod and founder speaking.

I had been so pessimistic about this community ever getting any sort of membership, that by the time people had had the opportunity to begin reading The Time Paradox I had pretty much given up hope. This was a bad judgment call on my part, and now I fear that some of you may have already slipped back into a state of apathy after the initial excitement of the contents of the first bit of TTP.

Hoping that this is not the case, I propose that now that I am actually once again keyed in and paying attention, that we will be able to actually establish some community communication. In the next days and weeks I will be, as diligently as possible, coming up with ideas for simple things that we can do to express our love of Artemis/Holly (even if some of you are being stragglers and still only support their 'friendship') and get to know one another. I have a number of ideas, but I'm not sure how realistic any of them are considering the fact that we are all apparently quite busy people.

Please, members, if you have not already done an introduction blurb, please do so. You may do this in either your own post or as a reply to this one. You should use the form provided below and in the userinfo.

Look for an updated userinfo section soon, even though the very sight of the ghastly transformation of the new LJ profile pages gives me the shivers.

-Basic Stuff-
Email address:
Icon/Fic Journal:

-Fun Stuff-
Favorite Artemis Fowl book:
Favorite Line from an Artemis Fowl book:
Artemis/Holly: friendship or ship more?
Favorite Artemis/Holly moment:
Favorite (not Artemis or Holly) character:
Other fandoms:
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