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Stockholm Syndrome
Roleplaying Opportunity! 
23rd-Mar-2009 12:11 am
red slippers stock
Hello everyone!

Your "new" mod is here with a proposition. (I swear I'm the same person, it's just slightly confusing.)

As far as I can tell, this community has at least 40 members who might more or less be interested in some activity in the fandom. At least, I'm really hoping that this is the case. I have a thousand good intentions now that I'm making a fresh start for this community, but I am not going to promise anything else until I am much closer to actually executing the things I speak of...

That said, I have something that I really want any and all of you to consider for my sake as much as your own. Basically, I'm asking you a favor...

Lately, I've become interested in hanging around the AFC forums and they have an Artemis Fowl Roleplaying forum there.

I had an idea that I really like but that I cannot really make into a fanfic effectively, so I decided to open up the concept for use on the forum. I decided beforehand that I wanted to play Holly, and I have had one passing acquaintance/friend of mine volunteer to play the part of Artemis and one OC, but I am still in dire (as in I'm going to cry if someone doesn't step up, lol) need of a much larger cast. The characters needed, the concept and anything else you could possibly EVER want to know about the RP is on the post at the forum.

The forum is extremely easy to join and is very relaxed, and if you don't already have an AFC account, I HIGHLY suggest it to all AF fans, because it's very noninvasive unless you choose to let it be, and Eoin Colfer often makes announcements there that he would not normally make through official channels. In any case, I've pitched this the best way I know how, so all that's left to do is beg.

Click the following link. You know you want to...

Artemis Fowl: The Quantum Key

I really hope that I get at least a few response out of this effort...
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