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Stockholm Syndrome
22nd-Mar-2009 11:26 pm
D/R: Happy smiles JE
Hello everyone!!

If you are seeing this on your friends page or otherwise you need to pay attention if you're still interested in this community at all.

I am your nomadic mod speaking, and once again I have the most wonderful set of intentions to lead us along our path to perdition adoring Artemis/Holly, etc, etc.

This IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT that I speak of has to do witht he fact that this previous month, my paid account ran out. For this and several other random personal reasons I have decided to try on a new LJ for size, meaning that I may not be using this account anymore. I have, however, decided to use my "fresh start" on LJ as a chance at a fresh start on running this community properly. I think the lack of mental clutter will actually make me a lot more likely to stick to this goal.

In any case, I have already given my new account all the access that this account has for modding, etc, etc, so this person:


is me. This is not a coup except against myself.

That is all, though I do have another announcement I need to make in another post, but I will make it with the new account.
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