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Stockholm Syndrome
[Fic] Degrees of Poison 
17th-Mar-2009 01:32 am
Well, I'm new here. *waves* My name is Alena, although I've filled out the form, so I'll let it do the talking from here:

Basic Stuff
Name/Username: Alena / fire_tears
AIM/MSN/etc.: N/A
Email address: fire_tears @ livejournal.com
Icon/Fic Journal: nosilencehere

Fun Stuff
Favorite Artemis Fowl book: The Eternity Code.
Favorite Line from an Artemis Fowl book: The following exchange between Mulch and Butler:
"Now you're talking," said [Mulch], slamming the fridge door. "Do you have a plan?"
"Yes. Find Holly and Artemis."
Mulch rolled his eyes. "Pure genius. It's a wonder you need Artemis at all."

Artemis/Holly: friendship or ship more? I 'ship them. They just... work.
Favorite Artemis/Holly moment: The scene where they're huddled on top of the fairy amusement park tower thing. They're about to be eaten by trolls, and Holly puts her arm around Artemis and tries to comfort him by telling him to close his eyes, and that he won't feel a thing.
Favorite (not Artemis or Holly) character: Wing Commander Vinyaya, hands down. In fact, I think she beats out Holly and Artemis. I love that fairy. She is composed of awesomeness.
Other fandoms: Mainly Avengers (Marvel Comics) right now, though in the past I was largely active in One Piece fandom, dabbled a bit in Kingdom Hearts and Little Miss Sunshine, and still have an abiding love for Teen Titans (the animated show) despite not having written much for it.

After all of that, I promise that I haven't come empty handed. :3 I come in peace bearing fic.

TITLE: Degrees of Poison
PAIRING: Implied Artemis/Holly.
WARNINGS: A very extended metaphor. Oh, and spoilers for The Time Paradox.
DISCLAIMER: All characters are © Eoin Colfer. No profit is being made from this work.
SUMMARY: Being friends with Artemis, Foaly had said, would be like being friends with a viper. It was not an inapt analogy. After the events of The Time Paradox, Holly and Artemis have a discussion.

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20th-Mar-2009 03:45 am (UTC)
I just wanted to say that I thought your story was GREAT. It's been a really long time since I read fanfiction of any kind because real life has kind of taken up a lot of my time lately, but this really was exceptionally well done. May I ask who beta-ed for you or did you edit that well on your own? I'm gushing, but feel very welcome here! If you're interested in helping with the comm then I'm sure I could use your help... quite a lot, in fact.
20th-Mar-2009 07:41 am (UTC)
Thank you so much! Your comment made me beam, it really did. I edited it myself, actually; I don't know anyone personally who reads Artemis Fowl, so I did the best I could on my own. So again, thank you!

I'm afraid I can't help out with the comm. Real life has me bogged down as well, and I've actually handed over the authority of my own comm (cap_ironman) to two other people because I can't keep up with it at the moment. But I very much appreciate the offer.
21st-Mar-2009 08:40 pm (UTC)
Oh, it's all right, but should you change your mind it's always open!
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