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Stockholm Syndrome
Manifold Apologies 
10th-Nov-2008 10:18 pm
AF expecting you
Hello everyone, should any of you still be inclined to watch this community.

This is your friendly neighborhood, and heretofore absent, mod and founder speaking.

I had been so pessimistic about this community ever getting any sort of membership, that by the time people had had the opportunity to begin reading The Time Paradox I had pretty much given up hope. This was a bad judgment call on my part, and now I fear that some of you may have already slipped back into a state of apathy after the initial excitement of the contents of the first bit of TTP.

Hoping that this is not the case, I propose that now that I am actually once again keyed in and paying attention, that we will be able to actually establish some community communication. In the next days and weeks I will be, as diligently as possible, coming up with ideas for simple things that we can do to express our love of Artemis/Holly (even if some of you are being stragglers and still only support their 'friendship') and get to know one another. I have a number of ideas, but I'm not sure how realistic any of them are considering the fact that we are all apparently quite busy people.

Please, members, if you have not already done an introduction blurb, please do so. You may do this in either your own post or as a reply to this one. You should use the form provided below and in the userinfo.

Look for an updated userinfo section soon, even though the very sight of the ghastly transformation of the new LJ profile pages gives me the shivers.

-Basic Stuff-
Email address:
Icon/Fic Journal:

-Fun Stuff-
Favorite Artemis Fowl book:
Favorite Line from an Artemis Fowl book:
Artemis/Holly: friendship or ship more?
Favorite Artemis/Holly moment:
Favorite (not Artemis or Holly) character:
Other fandoms:
11th-Nov-2008 03:54 am (UTC)
To try to be a good example for once, I will do what I've asked all of you to below:

-Basic Stuff-
Name/Username: Bethany / bohemianneko
AIM/MSN/etc.: DameRoseofTARDIS
Email address: lotusflowerpadme@gmail.com
Icon/Fic Journal: crossing_stars

-Fun Stuff-
Favorite Artemis Fowl book: This is really difficult, but either TAI or TTP.
Favorite Line from an Artemis Fowl book: "It would be like trying to trade a hairpin for Excalibur." Artemis, The Time Paradox
Artemis/Holly: friendship or ship more? Ship
Favorite Artemis/Holly moment: The Time Paradox is riddled with them, and I could go on and on about that book for hours, but also nearly break down in tears for all the frustration it has caused me. I suppose, though, I would like to point out one moment that I remember that has stayed with me even though I haven't read it in a very long time. I cannot even quote it without going to get my book (and seeing as my leg hurts, I'm not going to), but in The Opal Deception, when Artemis emerges from the bathroom with his memories returned to him, Holly stands before him and talks to him. Now, I have a very vivid mind's eye, and Colfer's writing just matches it in pace perfectly, and I could just see and feel Holly's emotions, and though it's never stated I know she wanted to hug him. She was aching to, but she didn't. If you don't believe me, I will look it up and prove it.
Favorite (not Artemis or Holly) character: That's difficult, because I love nearly all of them, and I'm afraid everyone's answer is going to be Butler, but I suppose that there really isn't any other person I can fairly choose. I do love Foaly though, especially when I imagine him as Justin Bartha for his human half.
Other fandoms: Doctor Who (seems a lot of us have that in common), The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Secret Diary of a Call Girl, The Chronicles of Narnia, Star Wars, Digimon, Percy Jackson & the Olympians, InuYasha, Disney movies
11th-Nov-2008 04:56 am (UTC)
-Basic Stuff-
Name/Username: Am/
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-Basic Stuff-
Name/Username: Am/<lj-user="cxrdevil">
AIM/MSN/etc.: cxrdevil
Email address: xragia@yahoo.com
Icon/Fic Journal: none

-Fun Stuff-
Favorite Artemis Fowl book: The Arctic Incident
Favorite Line from an Artemis Fowl book: I can't quote it exactly from memory, but "the other one spent his days on a remote desert island, beating up palm trees"
Artemis/Holly: friendship or ship more?: Canon relationship...how they really act towards each other, whether romantically or as friends/enemies/rivals
Favorite Artemis/Holly moment: The Eleven Wonders and that whole little section, I adored the Opal Deception for the A/H because they had to build their trust all over again, and they made it so quickly and Holly was just aching to have her friend back for the entire beginning, and it proved to us that they could work, even if he was mind-wiped, because he's a good person innately. and then the real Artemis came back; because of his time with his memories wiped he was able to appreciate how he'd grown even more, and the chemistry between them is SO apparent (Even more so than in TEC, when they were working together and anticipating each other's moves every step of the way, or TTP where they suddenly had this attraction... the banter and struggle was so much more comfortable and blatant in TOD.)
Favorite (not Artemis or Holly) character: Ah... hard to choose. Mulch maybe. He's fun, but he's not one-dimensional.
Other fandoms: Avatar, Disney, Digimon, Tamora Pierce, Dune, Enderverse, Heroes, Gossip Girl, pretty much anything fantasy or sci-fi xD
12th-Nov-2008 12:35 am (UTC)
I actually totally agree with you about the way they canon-ly interact, it's just that I'm a bit afraid of Mr. Colfer's ability/desire to follow through.
12th-Nov-2008 12:42 am (UTC)
Also, just so you're aware, to fix the mark-up in your comment you just need to remove the hyphen between "lj" and "user". In ost of the lj mark-up you do use hyphens, but for some reason that's not the case with the user tag.
11th-Nov-2008 02:24 pm (UTC)
Eeeek, so guilty of not introducing myself :)) Sorry! I'll do it when I have the time :D Which is probably soon.. :p

Hi everyone! :D
12th-Nov-2008 12:36 am (UTC)
Take your time, but please try to pop by and be involved!
18th-Nov-2008 08:02 pm (UTC) - Newbie post
-Basic Stuff-
Name/Username: You can call me Sara :)
AIM/MSN/etc.: Don't really use either one, but my MSN's the same as my email.
Email address: sra_gurl@hotmail.com
Icon/Fic Journal: http://arctic-comet.livejournal.com/ However, there's nothing in there at the moment, but I do make graphics and occasionally write a row or two, and I hope to post some stuff there later on.

-Fun Stuff-
Favorite Artemis Fowl book: The Time Paradox and the Arctic Incident.
Favorite Line from an Artemis Fowl book: "After all we have been through. Or maybe because of it." Simply. Beautiful.
Artemis/Holly: friendship or ship more? Ship more! They're soul mates :)
Favorite Artemis/Holly moment: The Kiss (of course) and pretty much all their moments in TTP, Artemis seeing Holly die in TLC (it was heartbreaking and made me cry but I loved seeing how much he cared).
Favorite (not Artemis or Holly) character: No 1. He's adorable!
Other fandoms: Harry Potter and Twilight mostly.
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